Meet our Wedding Crew

 A wedding is a unique opportunity where we get the privilege to witness the union of two individuals and their families. As professionals we know that these days often have a mind of their own. We are there to document the wedding as it unfolds and give the couple a beautiful remembrance of one of the most important days of their lives.

Follow us as we share our thoughts on how we approach each and every wedding we film. We cover our favorite parts of the wedding as well as why we do what we do.

Transcript Below...

What are your favorite parts of  shooting a wedding?

Steven Garza:    My favorite part about shooting a wedding would be when the bride makes her way down the isle. I think that's one of the most magical times because what it really represents ... it represents all the all the hard work they've been doing for the past 6 months, a year, meticulous planning, late nights researching cake toppers, flower managements, managing a chaotic wedding party. All that stuff, when she's walking down, at the end of that isle, coming to meet her future husband, all melts away and it's actually really magical to capture. That's what we're really all about it evoking emotion in our wedding film.

Randy Postadan:    My favorite part of shooting the wedding is the pre-ceremony. Meeting the bride, I love meeting all the family and all their friends. Taking pictures of the dress, the shoes, all the pre-ceremonial shots. I definitely enjoy doing that because it sets the tone for the wedding day.

Steven Garza:    Another favorite part about shooting weddings would be the speeches. The speeches ultra-critical towards creating a beautiful wedding film. I get very excited when the reception comes and it's about that time to start recording the toast, the speeches, because those ultimately lay down a really solid foundation for a beautiful wedding film; so, I get very excited to see what the groomsmen, what the bridesmaids have prepared for the couple.

Randy Postadan:    My favorite time to take photos during the wedding day would be the pre-ceremony. I just like the anticipation and everybody getting ready and having all the smiles and the excitement an taking those photos, because I know those are also memorable photos that people remember. I know that's also exclusive, not everybody will have a camera, not everybody would want just a regular person taking those photos. Having the professional wedding photographer taking those pre-ceremonial shots are important, but it's also my favorite. 

Why do you love doing filming weddings?

Steven Garza:    I love doing what I do because it's a really creative outlet for me. I like to take the opportunity to create wedding films for couples because it really gives the couples a chance to retell and relive the moments of their special day each and every time. Later down the line when they have kids, grandkids, they get to evoke that same emotion that they felt on that day by watching this film. If I have accomplished that, then I've done everything that I needed to do in life, and it really is rewarding for me.

Why do you love to photograph weddings?

Randy Postadan:    I love doing what I do because I love meeting new people and I like to be creative; so, shooting a wedding is actually a perfect platform for that. I meet new brides and grooms on a yearly basis, but I also listen to what they expect from wedding photography, and how they visualize their wedding day; so, that gives me an opportunity to be creative, and to also meet the new clients, or new brides and grooms, and make their wedding as memorable and as beautiful as possible through my artistic approach. I love being creative, I love meeting new people, and wedding photography brings that mesh together. 

What makes you guys so special?

    What makes Higher City Films and R&R Photography so special is that we work together very well. Within the last year our end products are very similar; so, what you see with Steven and what he does with his wedding videos in comparison to my wedding photography, it compliments each other well. Within the last 5 years, I know I've worked with other videographers, and while they have different styles and different approaches to cinematography for weddings, I know that may not always compliment my photography. I know as past brides and grooms mentioned something like that. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just a little bit different; so, working with Higher City Films helps with R&R Photography because both of our styles compliment each other very well. 

Steven Garza:    I think what makes R&R Photography and Higher City Films so special is that we really bring fun back onto the table. I feel a lot of what's missing in the industry is fun. We get so wrapped up, brides, photographers, we get so wrapped up in planning and executing that we really forget to just live in the moment. What Randy and I really try to accomplish is sit down with our brides, sit down with our grooms and really enjoy the day, because at the end of the day, that's what all this planning is for, is about this one moment. We get one chance to do it, and if we're able to capture it and have a good time at the same time, then hey, mission accomplished, right? I feel that's what really sets us apart.