Bike Party SJ : Hipsters vs Hippies

It's the first day of spring and the beginning of the wedding season. I decided to celebrate both occasions  with a amazing bike ride around the Bay Area. I attended SJ BIKEPARTY!


Every third Friday of the month san jose plays host to a early evening bike ride originating somewhere in the San Jose downtown area. Coincidentally, the third friday of March also marks the first day of Spring. Since it's the first day a spring they chose a very appropriately theme of Hipster vs. Hippies.  

Here is a little excerpt from their website about this ride. 

"Tied dyed T Shirts your thing. Or do you prefer the tight pants  and old-school shoes. Well choose one side or the other because this month is the Hippies VS. Hipsters ride."

Randy, Robert & I had plenty of fun got in some much needed exercise. We completed the entire ride which was a first for all three of us. We usually stop about halfway through. This entire course ran about 14 1/2 miles. By the end of it we were all starved and stuff our faces immediately after we got into our car. A perfect ending a an awesome night! 

Take a look at some of the Photos from this weekend