The Palmdale Estates - Myles & Coco's Christening

Over the last couple of years we have had the pleasure of working with the Boling's on numerous occasions. My first encounter was in Lake Tahoe while I covered Nina & Paul’s Destination wedding at Emerald Bay alongside R & R Photography. Back then their son Myles was just a baby.

A full year has passed since I last seen the entire Boling family they have been busy. They added a new addition to their family and her name is Coco! Their oldest Myles, is now walking and talking.  It was great catching up with them this past weekend.

This weekend my team alongside R & R Photography traveled about 60 minutes North to the bay area to celebrate Myles & Coco’s Christening at The Palmdale Estates. This place was epic. It featured wide open landscapes and beautiful architecture. The interior décor made the house really come to life. We cant wait to begin editing this video.

Here are a couple of Pre-Production Stills from yesterday afternoons shoot. Look out for their video coming soon!