The Wedding of Patrick and Francisca in Old Town Salinas

Patrick and Francisca's wedding left us speechless. The enthusiasm, emotion and raw energy on display was captivating.  Watching Francisca's father walk in for the first time and seeing his beautiful daughter ready to walk down the aisle was enough to move me to near tears. 

The ceremony was extra special because it was led by the same father who baptized Francisca as a child, Father Rudy. He incorporated Patrick's son into the ceremony in such a touching way that when I was filming this moment I knew I had to incorporate it into the final film. 

We knew the reception was going to be great from the introduction of the Bride and Groom. We loved the fact that patrick's crew brought so much love and enthusiasm to his reception celebration. from the garter toss to the cake cutting these guys were on fire. They made the night incredibly joyful and like I said previously left us captivated!  


"Tell Me A Story" by Richard Smithson

"Promised" by Around Us


Photography - R & R Photography

Venue - Giorgio's at 201 Main

Church - Sacred Heart