A new beginning ...

March marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I started filming weddings back in 2012 and since then I have always had 1 foot in and the other foot out of the wedding world. I hedged my bets on myself because deep down  I didn't fully believe that I could do it.

I always played it safe , yet, I always knew there was a microm of talent there. In keeping  various office jobs from education to agriculture all the meanwhile I always dreamed that one day I would be able to walk away from it all and begin my journey as a full time Wedding Film Maker. The end of 2016 came to an abrupt end when I found my office life and wedding worlds colliding.  I would meet with prospective couples I would think about how much work I had back in the office and I would say to myself maybe I shouldn't take this one last wedding.  I found myself overworked and dissatisfied. I knew I had to make choice. The decision was not easy and at this point it is still unnerving to be out on my own. But, I know that this is something worth chasing. 

Fast forward to 2017 and things are looking up! I find myself building business faster than ever. Having one primary focus feels liberating. I have a renewed sense of focus that is propelling my creativity to the next level. My team and I just shot our first wedding of the season and the footage is looking better than ever!

In the coming months you can expect to see some new and exciting developments from the Higher City Wedding Films team. We will be expanding on our current offerings and begin offering love story save the date videos, family vacation videos, and drone footage integration into some of our current videos projects.

Overall it is new and scary to venture off on my own, but for the last 5 years our wedding videos have wrote the first chapter of the rest of our couples lives. March marks the month where we begin to write a new chapter of our own story. 

Til next time.